Maja Karen

With a rare and perfectionistic sense, an affection for textures, light and shadows, Maja Karen does what she loves - captures beautiful moments through her lense. As a photographer, Maja Karen is specialized in taking pictures of people and still life. Her style is simple and aesthetic with a touch of something untraditional and unexpected. Maja Karen prefers moods and feelings and she is interested in the mysterious and honest, the raw and the naked.

Publications about Maja Karen

Who's Agency - 2019

The Artbo - 2016


Status 15 - Dansk Journalist Forbund - 2015

Lerkenfeldt Gallery

Garde Hvalsøe, Copenhagen - 2019-2020

Erik Jørgensen Showroom, Copenhagen - 2019-2020

AM Designs Studio, Antwerpen - Summer 2019

Oliver Gustav Studio, Copenhagen - 2017

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